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My Simple Box – A Tutorial

I hope everyone is enjoying a great day,

Yesterday I had a wonderful day teaching 2 classes at The Stamping Room and I meet a lot of wonderful ladies.  Hats off to Donna for being such a lovely host.

We made a lovely Christmas Card with a matching storage box.

A lot of the ladies asked about the dimensions for the box so I decided to put this little tutorial together since I knew a few of them were looking to make some boxes soon.  I will try to take some step-by-step pictures next time and publish them so everyone has the step-by-step with pictures.

We made this in our class:

The box measures 8 inches wide by 6 inches tall and is 1 1/2 inches deep.

Here is a template of what I cut, note this is not to scale.

Simple Box

The box is actually quite simple and can be adjusted to fit what ever dimensions you need.  Every flap is 1/2 inches wide to make the math easy.

To assemble the box I did the following steps:

1.  Cut out all of your pieces, score and fold all flaps at 1/2 inch.

2.  Take one of the side pieces and put glue on the flaps where I have indicated glue.

3.  Place one of the glued tabs onto one side of the front and the other to one side of the back parts.  Make sure that the flaps on the front and back pieces are both on either the top or bottom.  It does not matter which one.  You now have the pieces in the shape of a “U”.

4.  Now glue the tabs on the other side piece and attach them to the other ends of the front and back pieces to form the sides of the box. 

5.  After the glue has dried for a bit place the box so that the bottom has flaps all around the box and the top only has flaps on the left and right side.

6.  Place a bead of glue around the flaps on the inside of the box and place the bottom of the box onto the glue to create the bottom of the box.  If you wish, you can cut another 6 x 8 inch of paper and adhere to the bottom so you do not see the flaps.

7.  Place a bead of glue along the length of one of the flaps for the top and glue it to the inside of the box.

8.  To make the box easier to operate, once the glue has fully cured I cut 45 degree angles on both the flaps on sides of the box and the flap that tucks into the front of the box.

I hope you find these directions easy to follow and enjoy making these boxes for yourself.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog.  I love to hear your comments, they make my day!

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