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Scor-Pal Basket

Hello again everyone,

Joann with you again to show you how to make a fun little basket.

I got the idea from a little paper game I use to play with as a child.  It is called Paper Fortune Teller.   I found one in an old box of stuff and when I looked at it upside down, it was perfect for a basket.


and here it is with another angle


To make this fun little box follow these simple steps:

Cut a piece of cardstock 8 ½ inches x 8 ½ inches

Score at 2 1/8, 4 ¼ and 6 ½


Flip and score the other side the same 2 1/8, 4 ¼ and 6 ½

Place your Scor-Envi on your Scor-Pal and score at the 9 mark on all 4 sides


To fold the basket do the following:

  1.  Turn the cardstock so it looks like a Diamond
  2. Fold the 4 points into the middle so you are left with a square
  3. Flip the card stock over and fold the 4 points onto the middle again
  4. Fold the card stock in half and then fold in half again on the other side
  5. To make the basket simply place the folder card stock so that the top looks like a W and push in on the 4 corners.
  6. Glue the basket to a doily
  7. To make the handle I used a strip of paper 1 ½ x 10 ½ and punched the edge with a Martha Steward edge punch

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you can come back and visit again soon!

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