Pie Box and Table Centerpiece

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It’s almost harvest time here in Canada and for us that means Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I normally host a large gathering at my house but this year I am going to be a guest at my Mother In-Laws so I get out of doing most of the cooking : )  She did ask that I bring a pie so in addition to bringing the pie I decided to make a pie holder as well as a table decoration.

Here are the instructions to create this for yourself!

Pie Box



To Make this you will need:

• 1 sheet Autumn Collage (P-0499E)
• 2 sheets Fall Foliage (P-0483E)
• 3 sheets coordinating card stock
• 1 sheet clear acetate
Pumpkin Patch 3D Stickers (STDM-0102E)
• Maple Leaf Mini Cut-Out (DCM-0302B)
• Autumn Leaves Glitter Rub-On (RUBGL-0036E)
• Autumn Days Glitter Rub-On (RUBGL-0037E)
• Glue Stick, Double Sided Tape, or your favorite adhesive
• Stamp for your favorite sentiment (if desired)


1. Cut the top of the box 10 ½ square.
2. Using the Fall Foliage paper, cut the sides for the top so that each side is 10 ½ x 3” high.  I always add a flap to one side to attach all the sides together and also a flap on the bottom to attach the top.  Another thing I always do when making a box is I double the sides for extra strength. Here is a sample of what the side should look like.  The size of the side before it is folded is 11 x 5 ½ inches and you fold on the dotted lines.


3. Attach the 4 sides together using the small tab.
4. Fold over and glue the largest tab to make the sides twice as thick.
5. Cut a second piece of card stock the exact same size as the top and use removable tape to hold them together.  Place your favorite die centered over the 2 pieces of paper and cut to form the window.  Once they are cut, remove the tape and attach the acetate to the inside of the Autumn Collage paper.
6. Attach the piece created in step 5 to the last remaining tabs on the sides and then from the inside attach the card stock to hide the tabs and give the box top strength.
7. For the bottom of the box you are going to do the exact steps as the top only you need to make the bottom slightly smaller to allow the top to slide over and I also make it deeper so that you see some of the card stock and it is easier to open.
8. Finish embellishing with Glitter Rub-On and 3D Stickers.

Table Centerpiece


To make this you will need:

• 1 sheet Autumn Collage (P-0499E)
• 1 sheet coordinating card stock
Pumpkin Patch 3D Stickers (STDM-0102E)
• Maple Leaf Mini Cut-Out (DCM-0302B)
• Oak Leaf Mini Cut-Out (DCM-0303B)
• Glue Stick, Double Sided Tape, or your favorite adhesive

1. Using the Autumn Collage, cut 12 strips of paper 3 ½ inches high with a width of 1 inch on the top and 1 ¼ inches on the bottom so they look like this

basket side
2. Cut a circle 4 ½ inches wide and then trace a circle in the middle 4 inches wide.  Score on the 4 inch mark and cut slits so you can fold it up.
3. Glue the wide bottom of the strips to the folded edge of the circle
4. Cut a strip of paper 12 inches long by ½ inch wide and use this to glue around the top and then trim by hand so it looks good.
5. Finish embellishing with Glitter Rub-On and 3D stickers.

I hope you enjoyed and visit again soon.  I love to read your comments, they just make my day!

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About Castlepark Designs

My name is Joann and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my husband Miles. We have one son who is in the Royal Canadian Navy. I have worked full time in the Finance and Insurance industry for the past 29 years. I absolutely adore all things paper & glue and have been involved with crafting in some way for most of my life. I have a great admiration for creating projects from paper that may not necessarily be made from paper. When not in my craft room, I enjoy spending time at our cottage enjoying all that nature and suburban life has to offer.

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  1. Hello Miss Joann, that has got to be the most beautiful pie box ever, what a wonderful why to bring a gift to dinner. I looooove the center piece is gorgeous, love all the little embellishments, well Miss 3D queen have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for all the inspiration you give us…. Big hugs


  2. Absolutely gorgeous love both of these projects –just wondering which company makes this paper . Thanks for all your inspiration you such are one creative lady .


  3. Joanne this is awesome. What a nice gift to give at thanksgiving. Ve
    ry creative and decorated beautifully.


  4. Wow, a beautiful way to display a holiday pie! I think homemade muffins or cookies would look nice in both. You could also use the box for wrapping a gift. (scarves, socks, or other things) Thanks so much for sharing! As always look forward to your next project! 🙂


  5. Oh WOW, you are full of great ideas that are so unique Joann. What a fabulous idea, and it has worked a ‘treat’ (no pun intended! lol) Love both these creations and what a lovely way to give. Thanks so much for sharing. Judy x



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