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Wishing Well

Hi everyone,

Today I was “Wishing” that Summer was still here while looking out the back door at all of the fallen leaves surrounding my Wishing Well , so this formed the inspiration for this project (but without the fallen leaves).  You can find many cut files out there for wishing wells but I decided to simply make one myself.


Here are the instructions to create this project for yourself!

To Make this you will need:

• 1 sheet Sweet Roses (P-0662E)
• 1 sheet For the Birds (P-0665E)
Backyard Birds 3D sticker (STDM-0157RTE)
• 1 sheet from the Garden Paper Pix Package (PP-0031) for the top and another sheet for the sides
• Glue Stick, Double Sided Tape, or your favorite adhesive


1.  To make the base of the wishing well, cut a strip of paper 9.5 x 3.5 and score every 1.5 inches and also a half-inch along the long side.  Place a relief cut on the half-inch fold so you can form the base and glue a piece on the bottom for the base.
2.  The sides are a simple triangles with a rectangle on the bottom something like this:


Hint: I usually cut these several times for some strength and can be sized as desired.
3.  The roof was made using a scalloped edge cut file.  I simply cut 5 layers per side, each with a slightly different width.
4. Create your own dimensional flower using flower dies, add embellishments and 3D stickers.   

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit today : )  I love to read your comments, they just make my day!

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