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Flip Fold Mini Album

Flip Fold Mini Album

Hi everyone!  Thanks so much for popping by today and Happy Black Friday!

Each Black Friday, Heartfelt Creations plans a special blog post.  This year is extra special as they are announcing a brand new product they are releasing!

I’m sure many of you have either done or have maybe seen the amazing mini albums that are being created with all the flip folds and interactive pieces.  They are absolutely stunning but so much work to create them from scratch when creating the album base along with the inserts.  Well, Heartfelt Creations has taken the work out of making the base and insert pages for your album so you can get right to the fun part, decorating!

This new mini album will be available in White, Black, and Craft.  Along with each of those album colors, they will have 4 different packs with various designs of flipfold inserts in all 3 colors.

Ok, now that I’ve spilled the beans LOL! I should tell you that I haven’t had very much experience creating mini albums but with the premade base and inserts Heartfelt have designed I knew wanted to have a go at one.  I should also warn you this post is pretty ‘photo heavy’ so grab yourself a cuppa, sit back, relax and take a peek.


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